Instructor: Jeff Nova
Jeff Nova
Jeff Nova

Jeff Nova

Jeff's father, Bill Harmon, was an executive at Nikon, and Jeff grew up with hundreds of photography books all around him that he pored through with fascination. His father had the honor of working with astronauts on three Apollo missions, training them for photography on the Moon. His insatiable love for the science of image making still lives on in his son, years later, as CEO of Colorhythm, a retouching and digital asset management software company in San Francisco.

Working to achieve a balance between emotion and thought, creativity and analysis, heart and mind, informs everything Jeff does. This is clear in Colorhythm. Colorhythm has a services division and software division, creatives and programmers, Photoshop gurus and database engineers. This has been true since the year 2000, when the company was founded.

Even as Colorhythm delivers high volumes of imagery for the most discerning of clients, they take the time to discuss artificial intelligence, robotics, the philosophy of consciousness, the nature of color, and the future we want to see. Colorhythm is comprised of visionaries.

Jeff earned a BA and MA in Psychology from Wesleyan University, focusing on cultural psychology and hermeneutical approaches to gender, race and class identity politics. His graduate thesis focused on identity hierarchies and narratives among humans and how they relate to human/non-human animal distinctions. He also earned another Master's degree in Women's Studies from SUNY, University at Albany, writing his thesis on the neurophilosophy of free will under the mentorship of philosopher of science and molecular biologist, Dr. Bonnie Spanier.

Jeff's passions include philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, neuroscience, drumming, evolutionary biology, memetics, and voice acting - specializing in character voices for cartoons and toys.