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Computer Vision for Python Programmers: Part 1

Computer Vision for Python Programmers: Part 1

  Friday, 17 February 2017: 7 - 10pm
  Sat & Sun, 18-19 February: 10am - 6pm


There's simply no substitute for having a world-renowned expert - and award-winning instructor - introduce you to a subject in person. Joseph Howse is the author of numerous best-selling books on computer vision for Packt Publishing and is visiting San Francisco to start a series of hands-on classes for a small group of students who will receive personal attention and tailored instruction to guarantee their success.

Join us for the opening evening at 7pm on February 17th for a public talk and social event called The Future of Vision: When Machines Learn to See (free to students of this course, $15 to the public). Joseph will share his thoughts on the emerging impact of computer vision on society, and you'll be treated to live demonstrations of computer vision applications.

Then dive in for a full weekend class that will start your career in programming computer vision right:

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This two-day course introduces computer vision using open source Python libraries that are suitable for research or commercial projects. Particularly, we focus on the OpenCV library, backed by Intel.

On Day 1, we configure OpenCV and write Python scripts to control cameras, enhance photographs, play tricks with perspective, and analyze colors and shapes.

On Day 2, we develop more advanced scripts and AI models to detect and recognize images, faces, and objects, and to analyze frequencies of motion in video.

Throughout the course, we will relate computer vision techniques to potential applications, including photography, robotics, search engines, augmented reality, and medical imaging.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have a solid foundation in programming computer vision in Python using the OpenCV library.

You should be comfortable with Python, your operating system, and the command prompt.
Books will be supplied and included at no additional cost. macOS desktops (with OpenCV and Python) will be available at the course site. Optionally, you may bring your own Windows, macOS, or Linux laptop.



Joseph Howse
Joseph Howse

President of Nummist Media and best-selling author