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In the Flesh: Master Class on Retouching Skin

In the Flesh: Master Class on Retouching Skin

  Sat 30 July 2016, 11am - 5pm (with lunch break)

Join us for an intensive study of commercial skin retouching techniques with Vicente Llopis, a master retoucher who has perfected imagery for Levi's, Bloomingdale's, GQ, Vogue, Elle, ABC News, Gucci, Details, and more. Benefit from Vicente's years of experience and learn deep techniques that will empower you to take on even the most challenging skin retouching work.

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Here's a summary of topics that we'll cover in the course:

  • The nature of color and vision as it relates to skin
  • The physical phenomena behind skin color diversity
  • The secrets behind the Dissolve Technique and the byRo Method
  • When and how to use the Gaussian Blur Technique
  • The differences between the Apply Image and High Pass approaches of Frequency Separation
  • Identify hot spots and remove them quickly - without moving pixels
  • Devising a workflow for your images
  • Strengthen your selection-making skills with skin-specific techniques
  • Develop approaches specific to facial features like eyes, teeth, lips and eyebrows
  • Bring your own photos to apply lessons under supervision

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have a solid foundation in retouching skin at the professional level, for portraiture, beauty, fashion, and other commercial applications and receive a badge of accomplishment to display on LinkedIn or other sites.

This advanced course is suitable for designers and photographers who already have a strong, working experience of Adobe® Photoshop® CC (2015). Students do not need to purchase any software for this course.

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Vicente Llopis
Vicente Llopis

Chief Operations Officer of Colorhythm, master retoucher and workflow specialist