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Code & Canvas 16 March 2019

Carbon+ is an event and exhibit exploring the collaboration of people with machines in visual creativity.

The Future of Vision: When Machines Learn to See

Reflect on the astounding impact of computer vision technologies on society with Joseph Howse, best-selling author and award-winning President of Nummist Media.

The Lost Church 17 October 2016
Seeing Red: Consciousness and Color

Is color real? Is it a property of things? Is it only in our minds? Come explore our relationship to the world and to our senses with award-winning author and philosopher of perception, Dr. Mazviita Chirimuuta.

Mechanics' Institute Library & Chess Room 15 June 2016
Odyssey of Mind: The Natural Foundation of Artificial Intelligence

Explore the naturalistic foundations of artificial intelligence in a live conversation with Dr. Eray Özkural, AI inventor and founder of Celestial Intellect Cybernetics, who is working on the path to develop and verify human-level general purpose AI by the year 2018.

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