Speaker: Dr. Eray Özkural
Dr. Eray Özkural
Dr. Eray Özkural

Dr. Eray Özkural

AI researcher, inventor, entrepreneur, philosopher, musician, transhumanist, futurist, free software hacker, demoscene coder. Founder of Celestial Intellect Cybernetics.

I'm a computer scientist with a deep interest in artificial intelligence. I wrote my PhD thesis on the subject of parallel data mining. I'm also an amateur philosopher advancing a new form of positivism and digital philosophy. My research interests include artificial intelligence, artificial general intelligence, machine learning, data mining, cognitive architectures, theoretical neuroscience, parallel computing, compiler design, computer architecture, computer graphics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of language, and digital physics.

I'm the inventor of the Heuristic Algorithmic Memory concept, which is a long-term memory system for Artificial General Intelligence. I have designed a powerful AGI system called the "examachine" for scientific and engineering tasks. I have invented an FPGA virtualization scheme for Global Supercomputing, Inc., which was internationally patented. I have also invented a new energy-based currency that can drive green energy proliferation.

I'm a transhumanist with egalitarian, democratic, ultra-progressive views. I write articles for Humanity+ magazine occasionally, and founded the "AI Philosophy" mailing list with Marvin Minsky and many AI enthusiasts in the year 2000 as a continuation of comp.ai.philosophy; it is one of the oldest transhumanist communities in existence. I administer the Facebook group of the same name, which is an extension of the same community. I'm also a moderator of the popular "Artificial Intelligence" community on Google+. I coined the term "scientific transhumanism" to denote my particular, positivist approach to transhumanism, and organized the same-named Facebook community with a scientist friend around this notion, and have helped popularize this interpretation of transhumanism. I'm also a moderator of the "Egalitarian Transhumanism" Facebook group.

I contribute to open source software whenever I have the time. I'm the lead author of a package manager called PiSi that was the crown jewel of the Pardus Linux distribution, and I received an award for it (I wrote approximately 90% of the code, save for the build commands). I've contributed to KDE music player and Gideon projects, and released some projects of my own. I'm proficient in a large number of programming languages. I prefer OCaml, Python, and R for most of my software development.

I used to be a demoscene coder. I am exa/Bronx, part of the legendary Turkish Amiga demoscene group. I learned programming the hard way, hacking assembly on my own. I did not have a computer graphics textbook, so I invented 3D computer graphics on my own, based on the 2D trigonometry we learned in high school when I was 16. I wrote some of my best code on the Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200; I developed advanced assembly optimization methods on my own and wrote a small OS for my demos, without any guidance, only reading and writing code and using standard Amiga OS manuals. I still love my Amiga!

Onwards to the future!

Dr. Özkural will present his ideas in a live dialogue with Colorhythm CEO Jeff Nova in the event "Odyssey of Mind: The Natural Foundation of Artificial Intelligence"