• The Future of Vision


    Exploring the role of machines in the visual creative process...

  • The Future of Vision

    The Future of Vision

    Forecast the impact of computer vision with Joseph Howse... (past)

  • Seeing Red

    Seeing Red

    Exploring the philosophy of color with Dr. Mazviita Chirimuuta... (past)

  • Odyssey of Mind

    Odyssey of Mind

    The Natural Foundation of Artificial Intelligence, with Dr. Eray Özkural... (past)

  • Spectrometry

    Intro to Spectrometry

    Learn from Robin Myers, inventor of Apple's ColorSync... (past)

  • In the Flesh

    In the Flesh

    Master class on retouching skin with Vicente Llopis... (past)

Welcome to the Colorhythm Institute

Our mission is to illuminate technologies and philosophies that empower us and move us toward a positive future.

The Colorhythm Institute offers events and classes with a general focus on image processing, biological and computer vision, color science, artificial intelligence and photo post-production.

The Institute is a natural extension of Colorhythm, a digital imaging services and software company with proprietary technologies that revolutionize digital asset production and management. Visit our company site to discover more.


Joseph Howse
Joseph Howse

President of Nummist Media, author and world-renowned computer vision expert

Vicente Llopis
Vicente Llopis

Chief Operations Officer of Colorhythm, master retoucher and workflow specialist

Jeff Nova
Jeff Nova

CEO of Colorhythm, color science, image processing, computer vision

Robin Myers
Robin Myers

Color scientist, inventor of ColorSync, developer of SpectraShop™


  • Jeff Nova dreams big, but retains an intellectual curiosity for how things work. He continues to pursue his visions without losing sight of how to get there.

  • Vicente Llopis is the best Photoshop teacher I've ever had. Period. His expertise in Photoshop, color management and the digital workflow is unparalleled.

  • Vicente was able to bring his professional experience into the classroom in an engaging and informative manner, displaying both creative talent, technical skill and communicative skill that is critical as a teacher.

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